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Basement converted into a computer server room in an office business park, Yorkshire

Space is valuable for businesses as well as households. When we were approached to design and waterproof an existing basement under a country house business park the customer needed a perfect solution. The room was to hold valuable computer equipment, telephone lines and power supplies. It's continual operation was essential to the operation of the companies it serves.

We designed a solution using Newton 508 membrane which would ensure the room was dry in all circumstances.

The vaulted ceiling and walls were lined in Newton 508 mesh membrane, which allowed us to plaster directly onto it. This maximised space and allowed us to keep the shape of the vaulted ceiling.

The floor was lowered, concreted then overlaid with Newton 508 clear membrane. The floor had to be load-bearing as some computer equipment weighed up to 500 kg. Therefore we finished the floor in another pour of concrete to give the required strength, and a polished finish.

In conjunction with our supplier, we designed a pumping and alarm solution to ensure that the cellar would be dry. A Newton Titan Pro sump was used and filled with two heavy duty NP400 Pumps. The pumps are controlled by a Newton Control Panel which provides a variety of management functions including alarming in the event of a pump failure, and switching to a battery backup in the event of a mains power failure.

Octopus Building Service Ltd undertook all follow on tasks such as joinery, plastering and finishing tasks, giving the customer the peace of mind of one simple, insurance backed guarantee.

The project was completed in six weeks, on budget, and without disruption to the office above. Access was difficult and we used innovative solutions to keep the construction time as short as possible. One such example is the use of a concrete pump to pump wet concrete through other parts of the building directly into the conversion.

Designer's comments: In situations where performance is critical it's especially important to design a system which meets the customer's needs. This project had challenging access issues and was undertaken with the building occupied. The control panel system offers the customer peace of mind that their pumps are working correctly and will continue to do so in the future.


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