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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions on basement conversions

  • My cellar is mostly dry at the moment. Do I need a pump?

    • With changing climatic conditions, rising water tables and sustained periods of high rainfall it's essential that your solution will stand the test of time. Pumps are an essential part of the system and don't add a huge amount to the cost.
  • Will the cellar floor need to be replaced too?

    • In most cases this is the best solution as a new floor provides a perfectly level and structurally strong base for the conversion. It also gives us the opportunity to change the head height in the basement and conceal services such as sewage pipes away from the usable space. We use specialist concrete which is designed to withstand the effect of water pressure in cellar environments.
  • Will I need Planning Permission?

    • Many projects don't as a conversion will not change the external appearance of the building. However if you are planning to create a self contained dwelling you will need permission. It's also likely that permission will be needed if additional windows and doors are to be added. We are happy to advise on planning implications at the quoting stage of your project.
  • I live in a terraced house. Can I still get a cellar conversion?

    • In most cases terraced houses can have their basement converted without any adverse effect on neighbouring properties. At the quoting stage we will assess and advise you of any impact on neighbours.
      It's likely that once you start to look, many neighbours may already have had conversions undertaken.
  • I'll probably sell my house at some point in the future. What documents do I need to demonstrate that the cellar is built to the correct standards?

    • A surveyor acting on behalf of a potential buyer will look closely at the cellar conversion to ensure that it complies with BS8102 (Protection of structures against water from the ground). They will be seeking to ensure that the cellar is not likely to fail imminently and is of sound construction. You should be able to provide a receipt for the works carried out, a guarantee from your chosen contractor and a Building Regulations Completion Certificate which demonstrates that the local council Building Inspector has visited the site during construction and is satisfied it is built correctly.
      Without these documents a buyer may seek retrospective reassurance that the basement is sound, or a mortgage lender may keep a retention of funds. To avoid these problems it's essential to employ a specialist contractor at the build stage.
  • Are the pumping systems noisy?

    • The pumps are contained under the cellar floor and can be accessed by a lid which is usually covered by carpet or other floor coverings. Even in a bedroom application they usually cannot be heard and are designed to operate quietly at high discharge rates.
  • Do the pumps need servicing?

    • We recommend an annual inspection of your pumping system. The pumps are purpose designed for the job and as such should offer a long lifespan. We offer an annual inspection service for a competitive cost. The pumps also have failure alarms incorporated into the design to give early warning of any failure.
  • Will I need new stairs to the basement?

    • The answer depends on the space and site conditions on your project. It's possible to waterproof existing steps if they are in the correct position for your conversion and are structurally sound. Using existing steps is a great way to keep the cost of conversions down.
  • Will all the cellar walls have to stay? If I could remove some I'd end up with a bigger space with more options.

    • Most walls are likely to be structural but we are happy to quote for making holes in walls by supporting them using steel beams. The resulting space created can give much better options for utilisation of space. All work of this nature is undertaken with the advice and guidance of our Structural Engineer.
  • Will the waste generated be disposed of responsibly?

    • We recognise that all waste generated should be recycled. Our waste disposal partner currently recycles over 80% of the waste we generate. We also hold a waste carriers licence which ensures that we comply with current waste regulations.
  • How long do conversions take to complete?

    • This really depends on the size and complexity of your project. Our quotation includes an estimate of the construction time and we undertake to work continuously on your job wherever possible to reduce our onsite time. A small conversion, from start to finish can take as little as four weeks.
  • My basement is full of wires, pipes, cables and tubes. Can these be hidden?

    • Many cellars contain obsolete cables and pipes which can be carefully removed. The remaining ones can be hidden inside walls and ceilings in order to leave you with an uncluttered finish which matches the rest of your building.
  • I don't have lots of headroom in my cellar currently. Can you make more?

    • In a typical domestic basement a ceiling height of around 2 metres is ideal. At the survey stage we can advise on what finished ceiling height is achievable as this depends on the location and depth of your foundations. In many cases it's possible to get a much enhanced ceiling height. Together with solutions such as recessed halogen lights the space created will look and feel functional and aesthetically pleasing.
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